2016: Rolwaling and Ama Dablam

In 2016, I joined Furtemba Sherpa on an expedition to the Ripimo Shar glacier in Rolwaling Valley. There, we attempted the unclimbed 6400m Langdung, and nearly summited after climbing a fine route on the south face. A dangerously unconsolidated and corniced ridge stopped our progress just 25m from the summit. After returning to the valley, we crossed the challenging Tashi Laptsa into the Khumbu and successfully climbed Ama Dablam, famed for its spectacular beauty. Following the trip, I produced a short, film, For Ama. Posts are below:

hmix is back

Tidbits from the Trail

Alpine Exploration in the Ripimo Shar

Resilience: A year and a half of recovery since the Great Earthquake

Tahsi Laptsa