Canadian Rockies

I’ve been on two trips to the Canadian Rockies, well three if you count the life changing trip I took with my parents when I was five. I’m pretty sure seeing Mount Robson up close was the most defining moment of my short life up to that point. Over one Thanksgiving, Brad and I did about a week of early season ice climbing. Despite the unbelievably short days and my noob-ness to water ice, it was a blast. Posts here:

Alberta, Alberta!

Full Circle on Thanksgiving

Finding our Rhythm

Go Big and Go Home

Another summer, following some geology fieldwork in BC, I spent a few days climbing in the Bugaboos. Absolutely incredible!

On the road (again)

Running in the Olympics

Best. Trip. Ever. Bugaboos Part 1.

Bugaboos Part 2: Warming Up

Bugaboos Part 3: Big Day on Bugaboo Spire