Full Value in the High Sierra

Darwin Canyon

I returned from some much-appreciated play time on the Eastside. I’m slowly working my way through the Sierra Peak Section’s Emblem Peaks: 15 of the Sierra’s most prominent peaks as a way of exploring new parts of the range. First up was Matterhorn Peak which was in pretty good shape despite a bit of awkward postholing on the approach.

Matterhorn Peak. I took the left chute (East Couloir).

Looking down the East Couloir to Horse Creek

Then, escaping a violent cold and wind storm, I went to the southernmost Sierra to Olancha Peak, where I had my first ever bighorn sheep encounter despite countless trips to the Williamson region and other remote parts of the Southern Sierra.

Winds swirl around the summit of Olancha

A herd of bighorn sheep saw me coming up the slope and were long gone before I crested the ridge

Olancha Pass

After a trip to Tucson for the holidays and adequate time for my blisters to heal, I returned to Bishop for a day of full-value alpine climbing on Mount Darwin, including a mountain bike to the base, a trip over Lamarck Col and a fantastic climb up perfect styrofoam on the North Face.

Darwin (L) and Mendel (R) from Lamarck Col. I climbed up the snowy north face to the summit

Looking down my route from high on Darwin’s North Face

The Palisades look amazing from every angle! Agassiz, Sill and North Pal (L to R) make up the skyline.

The casual thirteen hours car-to-car from Aspendell showed me that my fitness is right where I want it to be and my approach to the mountains is as solid as ever. Here’s to 2018!

Goddard stands tall over the Evolution Valley

7 thoughts on “Full Value in the High Sierra

  1. Dad

    Hi Hari

    Remember when we used to climb Old Rag on New Years Day? I guess you graduated just a tad (and I just walk some miles around the neighborhood).

  2. Garrett

    Sweet stuff to start the new year!! Hope you swung thru Bishop park while you were there for a quick jog around the old TT course too!

      1. hmix Post author

        Haha, absolutely hit up Schats! Also shout out to great basin bakery and mountain rambler brewery. Fellas, don’t you think a september Mammoth reunion is in order? It’s super easy to get a deal on Snowcreek condos on airbnb. We did it this fall and it was amazing. Just sayin…

  3. Anonymous

    Whenever I remember mammoth I always think about that time you took everyone to climb that mountain and then nobody could run the next day, and I tell myself that I should do stuff like that more often. Sweet post as always man.


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