After a few days of waiting on some paperwork, we loaded up in Skardu. The ride was rough enough that I got pretty bruised up from repeatedly slamming into the roll cage.

What you can’t see is just how oppressively hot it is. Everyone in CA, I hear you but I think it had to be like 110+ the whole time in Skardu

Typical rockslide on the way to Askole. Guys took turns with the sledgehammer to keep the convoy moving

View from the window straight down to the Braldu River. They’re not big on guardrails in these parts…

Final stages of preparation before hitting the trail in Askole

Marching toward Jhula along the Braldu. The first two days of the trek were about 20km of sandy, dusty river bed. My sinuses were initially agonizing but nothing that a warm saltwater rinse from an old dirty Mountain Dew bottle couldn’t fix!

Near Paiyu, the valley started singing us upwards

I saw some mountains this morning. This is a picture I took of them.

Today’s brutal trek to Urdukas took us onto the Baltoro Glacier itself, a 50-mile long, 3-mile wide river of ice flowing from nearly one third of the world’s highest peaks

Ali Reza is a wonderful man

The Trango Towers! I’ve been looking forward to coming here for about 25 years

Lakpa finally put Flattop to good use!


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