Stormy start

Bad weather has affected things here in many ways. While it’s good to know there are still some places in the world where our human desires are subject to the day to day constraints of the natural world, the last few days have taken their toll. Some specifics:

Our bags were delayed with the weather, so our warm clothing and climbing gear are not yet here. Result: We’re freezing! I have hardly slept the past two nights and now have a cold and cough. Can’t wait for my -40 bag to arrive. Even with hot water bottles my current setup isn’t getting the job done in the early season Khumbu weather. We are sleeping on ice at 17,600 ft after all! Hopefully night 3 will treat me better.

Snowfall has hampered our ability to charge electronics off solar so posts will have to be dialed back for the time being. I’ve spent the last two days unsuccessfully trying to submit my phd online and making some revisions for a scientific article. Work takes priority here!

The snowfall also means I haven’t had a shower or been able to do laundry in quite some time. Thankfully if you’re reading this you don’t have to experience the consequences of this firsthand!

First world problems, I know, but the cell tower in gorak shep isn’t functioning so I haven’t been able to talk with my family which is a bit of a morale drag.

Realistically, we probably have a few more days here acclimatizing and doing some training climbs before anything major happens. Hopefully that will give me time to bounce back in time for our first climbing rotation on the mountain. The adventure continues!

3 thoughts on “Stormy start

  1. Tom Mix

    Hey Hari, don’t worry about calling home. It’s more important to get your warm clothes and sleeping bag and some good sleep. That’ll help your morale! Hope you feel better soon.


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