Summer 2012 Wrapup and Photos

I made it back to the US without much of a hitch, but almost immediately went right back out into the field. So at last, here are full photo galleries and trip reports from Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.


I’ll start with photos and narratives from the Gobi and the Altai:

Very Best of Mongolia





After paleoclimate research in Mongolia, I headed to the Snow Leopard Peaks of the Pamir. First up was Lenin Peak in southern Kyrgyzstan.

Complete photos from Kyrgyzstan:

Very Best of Kyrgyzstan





For narratives of my experience there, see:


Innocence Lost on Lenin

From Lenin, I crossed over Karamyk Pass into Tajikistan.

Complete Photos:

Very Best of Tajikistan





And trip reports:


Moskvin Glacier and Acclimatization

Korzhenevskaya in a Day Solo

Pik Kommunizma: Too Heavy