Thankfully, the weather cooperated and we were able to get the helicopter back to Jergatol on the 18th. We then made the day’s drive to Dushanbe. The heat and humidity were welcome for everyone’s frostnipped digits. Cuts can finally heal after weeks of stagnation up high. I’m thoroughly ready to head home. Dushanbe is beautiful, if not oppressively hot, but things here are as dysfunctional as ever and everyone is trying to rip us off. Nonetheless, there’s a wonderful group of climbers from all over the world down here and we’re all enjoying some relaxation together before our flight tomorrow.

Nick (UK) and I pose with a ridiculous feast on the ride back from Jergatol

Dushanbe is quite lovely

The Palace of Nations

Dushanbe shows off Tajikistan’s abundant water. Pamir glaciers feed enormous rivers which are currently being dammed to provide power.

The botanical gardens were beautiful. I’ve hardly seen trees this summer. Some groves of Ponderosa Pines have me excited for my September in the Rockies.


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